– Vik Beach, Iceland

You can read about my FICTION below. I’ve also published humor on websites such as Points in CaseThe Higgs Weldon, and Defenestration.

Manu and Me

My Friend Raghu

Make Up Forever


Pink Beach

  • My first published flash fiction. Writing flash fiction is addictive.
  • Jellyfish Review, January 2019
  • Read online HERE.


Letters to My Coach

  • I’m fond of this one. But then I’m fond of all my stories.
  • Juked Magazine, April 2018
  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
  • Read online HERE.

Little Rabbit

The Service

  • I enjoyed experimenting with long sentences in this one.
  • It contains, you guessed it, dysfunctional couples.
  • The Florida Review 41.2, Fall 2017, print
  • Link to print issue HERE.


  • A day in the life of an unhappy (married) couple.
  • The Normal School, Fall 2017, print
  • Placed in top ten in Phoebe Journal’s short story contest judged by Joshua Ferris.
  • Link to print issue HERE.

The Guptas

  • An elderly couple can’t cope with their son’s absence.
  • Salt Hill 38Spring 2017, print.
  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
  • Link to print issue HERE.

Skin Deep

  • My first published story, about a mother who likes how she looks.
  • Kartika Review, Spring 2013, print.
  • Read online HERE.